Ministry of Education and Culture puts 80 Front line teachers on Biak Numfor

The government through the Ministry of Education and Culture (Kemdikbud) puts 80 frontline teachers (GGD) in Biak Numfor District, Papua Province. This step is done to support the teaching and learning process in isolated schools.
Submission of the decision letter of CPNS 80 front line teachers was made by the Regional Secretary of Biak Numfor regency, Markus Oktovianus Mansnembra along with the joint ceremony of civil state apparatus of Biak Numfor regency government, in Biak on Monday (20/1) yesterday. So quoted from Antara.
Markus revealed, the placement of frontline teachers in Biak Numfor District as the implementation of the Nawacita government of President Joko Widodo for the improvement of education services in isolated, outer and outer regions in the territory of the Unitary State of the Republic of Indonesia.
President Jokowi's Nawacita Program, according to him, focuses not only on the construction of physical infrastructure such as roads, bridges, dams, ports, or airports, but also the education sector.
"Development of human resources (HR) is also a priority. One of them is realized by sending the front line teacher to Biak. Frontline teacher program is the recruitment and placement package of teachers CPNS centered in Kemendikbud, "he said.
He acknowledged the placement of Biak frontline teachers to answer the shortage of teachers in various elementary and junior high schools in Biak Numfor district.
In the GGD program, he continued, the teachers are permanently placed and tied up as civil servants in the duty environment of Biak Numfor District.
"The frontline teacher sent to Biak must serve 10 years in the area, not to ask for a transfer to the city or the area of origin before the end of the period, this provision needs to be the attention of the front line teachers," said Markus.
Meanwhile, Head of Biak Education Office Nico N Buiney MMT said the priority of deploying frontline teachers at remote, remote and leading schools is in accordance with the placement decree in Biak Numfor District.
"The Education Office has recorded primary and junior high schools that are still short of teachers, with the deployment of 80 frontline teachers able to overcome the shortage of teachers," he said.

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