Military Observer: Indonesia, Dont Stay Silent, Show Hows Papua Now

Military Observer Connie Rahakundini Bakrie conveyed the intensity of supporters' event in support of separatist groups from abroad has been increasing along with group action in Papua, recently, can not be ignored.
Against campaigns organized by overseas groups supporting Papuan separatism, the Indonesian government of Indonesia can fight against them, among others, by counter-campaigning.
All parties should be informed of the actual facts that have occurred and are as advanced as what is Papua  today.
"We can not stop that, but we can 'counter' it, it must. State Papua is the most expensive province (with budget from the center). Less what Indonesia with Papua, these things are not known to the outside world, "he explained.
The weapons that are often used by groups overseas support Papuan separatism, are human rights.
Generally they are targeted are TNI officers. To anticipate that the efforts of the authorities in maintaining the sovereignty of the Unitary State of the Republic of Indonesia (NKRI) are not used as material of their black campaign, the role of the TNI in Papua must be replaced by the Police.
"Because of the name of order and law enforcement operations (by the police), no one can intervene," he said.
"So the Police descend alone, even then one day, the next day or the night the Chief of Police Mobile Commander phone ask for help, still the Police forward," he explained.

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