Merauke Health Office Depicts "GERMAS"

In order to improve the quality of healthy living and awareness, Merauke Regency Health Office together with the Merauke Regent launched the Healthy Living Community Movement (Germas) in Merauke Regency.

Regent of Merauke, Frederikus Gebze, SE, M.Si said, with this activity expected the public more concerned about his health, because the role of society in maintaining his health is very important.

"With this activity the Merauke government invites all people to make healthy lifestyle with diligent exercise and mengkosumsi fruit and vegetables," he told reporters in Mandala Field, Saturday (11/11/17).

It is said, local governments will continue to improve the quality of health services to the community, so the need for cooperation from the community to improve the quality of healthy life.

Meanwhile, the Head of Health Office of Merauke Regency, dr. Adolf Y. Bolang says, there are three priority programs that are doing physical activity, eating vegetables and fruit. Then, routine health checks to detect early and can provide faster handling so that the life expectancy of the people of Merauke Regency is increasing.

"We hope that with this activity, people are more concerned and aware of their health," he said.

Added, officers will also be proactive in 'pick up the ball' by dropping directly to the community to provide health services to the community. Meanwhile, in the framework of the 53rd National Health Day the Health Department conducted free checks, distributed abate powder and symbolically handed over the mosquito net to the community.

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