Lanny Jaya elementary school teacher is trained in mathematical literacy

Wamena, Jubi - A total of 60 elementary school teachers in Lanny Jaya District are trained in literacy that is subject to basic mathematics. The training was held at Silimo Siloam Wamena Building, on Monday 27 November 2017.

"This training is a collaboration between the government of Lanny Jaya district together with Wahana Visi Indonesia (WVI) and the Indonesian Science Partner Institution," said Frida Siregar, WVI program administrator, Jayawijaya cluster on Monday 27 November 2017.

Frida said the activities involving the Indonesian Science Partnership board will end on December 1, 2017. "The goal is to improve teachers' capacity on basic math and basic literacy," Frida said.

The training will have an impact on calistung or read, write and count the students, to think logically and to speak well.

In addition to 60 representatives from 62 primary schools in Lanny Jaya, the event organizers also involve 10 supervisors and representatives of the local education office.

Training will be carried out continuously with basic training that will have an evaluation during the second training. Frida mentions the process before the second training there is a process of monitoring and mentoring by 10 supervisors and 10 staff of the education office.

The representative of Lembaga Mitra Sains Indonesia, Mariana Magdalena Radjawane said the activity was expected to master master basic math things.

"For example, recognizing numbers and mathematical operations numbering four and the sum, subtraction, multiplication and division that are commonly found in elementary schools," Mariana explained.

The training supports problem-solving skills and turns the story into a mathematical operation. "Because usually when met with the story, children are not fluent to answer, whether to use multiplication, division or subtraction," he said.

He hopes that after mastering the basic math, the teacher has a strategy given to the child to solve math problems. (*)

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