KPK Ask Mamberamo Raya District Government to Study to Sragen, This is the reason

Sragen - The district government of Mamberamo Raya conducted a comparative study to Sragen. What attracted them to Sragen was the recommendation of the Corruption Eradication Commission (KPK).
"We were recommended by the KPK to come to Sragen, so this is not our willingness. From the BPK and KPK records, we are required to conduct a comparative study of which e-government is good, including here, "said the Regional Secretary of Mamberamo Raya Regency Alfons Sesa on Monday (20/11).
When met by reporters in the Hall Sukowati Setda Sragen, Alfons stated, Sragen is considered to have good governance, for example in community service. The results of the next comparative study will try to be applied there in the hope that people will be satisfied with the government's performance. Moreover, the central government is also satisfied with the performance of the apparatus of Mamberamo Raya Regency.
"People are satisfied with the performance of the government, thus the welfare of the people gradually can also be realized," said Alfons.
Alfons said, Mamberamo Raya Regency is an expansion of Sarmi Regency and Waropen Regency, Papua Province. One of the founding figures of the district is AKBP Tery Levin who had previously been the Mamberamo Raya Police Chief.
As a customary figure, after not serving the resort police chief, Tery was then asked by the Mamberamo district government to keep the government journey in line with the expectations of the community. His current position is the Head of Satpol PP and Fire Department.
While Tery Levin himself who also participated in the Mamberamo Raya district government group justify, he is indeed one of the founders of the Mamberamo Raya District. He hopes, the results of visits from Sragen regency can be applied in Mamberamo Raya.
"I am still an active police officer, but the district government asked the local police chief to be employed and it was granted. We are determined that this Mamberamo can move forward, as a good governmental pilot, clean and good government service. But there are also signs of the KPK that we must obey, "he explained.

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