Jayapura people are invited to unite to avoid social conflict

Jayapura, Jubi - All Community Components in Jayapura City are invited to unite to create a safe situation in order to prevent social conflict. The invitation came in a face-to-face meeting with the Community Police Partnership Forum (FKPM) in Jayapura City on Thursday 23 November 2017.
"The continuity of FKPM activities is safe and peaceful to the new year 2018. Discusses about the authority, main tasks, functions of FKPM," said Heram District Chief, Jaya Kusuma, after Face to face Forum Community Police Partnership (FKPM) Se-Kota Jayapura Thursday (23/11/2017).
Kusuma confessed that the meeting was expected to show FKPM assists the police and the government in realizing peace and order in the city of Jayapura, especially in Heram District.
"With the presence of 'FKPM Kelurahan' will greatly help the community if there are problems that occur in the community can be solved by the community," said Kusuma explained.
Arnold, a resident who attended the meeting, said the presence of all united figures should avoid social conflicts.
"Community leaders, religious leaders, youth leaders must be united," said Arnold.
According to him, the attitude of the figures is very influential on FKPM that helps security and order in the community. "Because if they are not united automatically the role of FKPM goes maximally to prevent problems and provide conflict solutions," said Arnold explained.

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