Jayapura City Government Holds Preparation Meeting for Christmas Celebration

JAYAPURA, - Jayapura City Government holds preparations December 1, 2017 in order to welcome Christmas 2017, in the Mayor of Jayapura meeting room on Friday (24/11/17).
This meeting was attended by the leaders of the regional apparatus organization (OPD) within the Jayapura City Government, the church domination, FKUB, and MUI.
This meeting is to discuss the preparations that will be held for a week from December 1, 2017 so that the celebration takes place well, lively, safe, smooth and orderly, solemn. At the same time discuss the theme of the 2017 Christmas celebration.
"I hope that all the clusters in Jayapura City will mobilize all their congregations to join the activities of December 1, 2017. Islam, Hinduism and Buddhism can also participate in the Christmas Eve 2017 theme" The Christmas Bell Echoes Illuminate Port Numbat 2017, "Benhur said.
On this occasion Benhur, delivered on 24 December no firecrackers, 31 December and every Saturday night is prohibited selling alcoholic. This will be issued instructions Mayor and conducted socialization.
Chairman of Forum of Religious Harmony (FKUB) Jayapura City Willem Itaar, said very supportive and invite people in Jayapuara City to take part in their own way and style.
"This city belongs to us together, it's a symbol of the peace of Papua, I have the 2017 Christmas theme, Port Numbay Welcomes Christmas 2017 but it's all the authority of the Mayor of Jayapura who decided," Willem Itaar said.
Christmas Theme 2017 Jayapura City Level
Meanwhile, the Jayapura City Government, along with Forum Kerukunan Mati Beragama (FKUB), the Union of Jayapura City Churches and the Indonesian Ulema Council, have set the 2017 Christmas theme at Kota Jayapura.
This theme was set in a meeting together in the meeting room of the Mayor of Jayapura, on Friday (24/11/17), "Echoes of Christmas Bells Illuminate Port Numbay".
Mayor of Jayapura Benhur Tomi Mano said, Jayapura is a city of BERIMAN (clean, beautiful, safe, and comfortable), and also the capital of Papua province inhabited by various tribes, religion.
"I convey the 2017 Christmas celebration by showing tolerance and harmony among religious people based on One Heart Building the City for the Glory of God's Name," said Benhur.
"The Jayapura City Government will write to each of the class leaders to convey to their congregation the theme of Christmas 2017 Jayapura City Level," said Benhur added.

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