It is time for Papua to prosper

 Although rich with natural resources, Papua is still relatively lagging compared to other islands in the country. In his era of government, President Joko Widodo made Papua one of the priorities of development.
In a video shared through a verified fanpage account, President Joko Widodo, described the construction of the Trans Papua Line consisting of 10 segments. The 10 segments are:
Segment 1: Kwatisore - Nabire
Segment 2: Nabire - Wagete - Enarotali
Segment 3: Enarotali- Ilaga - Mulia - Wamena
Segment 4: Wamena - Elelim - Jayapura
Segment 5: Wamena-Habema-Kenyam-Mumugu
Segment6: Kenyam-Dekai
Segment 7: Dekai-Oksibil
Segment 8: Oksibil-Waropko
Segment 9: Waropko-Tanah Merah-Merauke
Segment 10: Wagete-Timika
The total length of the road built is 3,259.45 kilometers. Infrastructure development is believed to have a positive impact on the economy of citizens.
In addition, there are several other programs being run, namely electricity grid and one fuel oil price.

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