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PAPUANEWS.ID - The government's sincerity in infrastructure development in Papua is a form of the realization of President Jokowi's Nawacita program in building border area connectivity to accelerate regional economic growth in the long run finally begins to produce positive results. One of the hope of the president in the process of infrastructure development is that the participation of the Papuan community in the implementation of the development program has finally begun to move the hearts of Papuans who have been affiliated with the Free Papua Organization (OPM). Perhaps so far the central government has not only focused all its attention on the development and progress of the people of Papua, but all efforts have been made by the central government to accommodate all the development that will be implemented in the earth cenderawasih it, even the government has set up a very large budget of about Rp 12.5 trillion from APBN funds to build road infrastructure in Papua and West Papua.

One of the concrete forms of development undertaken by Pemkab Puncak Jaya, Papua is to build a road infrastructure that connects all villages in Puncak Jaya regency to open the isolation of some districts, such as Tingginambut District, which has been almost no economic activity and education since from 2004 to 2011 the region is famous as one of the red zone as the basis for the formation of Free Papua Organization (OPM) by the Goliath Tabuni group. Development efforts undertaken by the government during this time always get resistance from OPM group, It is of course very hamper implementation of government program. However, over time and the seriousness of the government in committing to build Papua, the benefits of change began to be felt by the community, in addition to the ease of access between villages also make the source of lighting can be accommodated by the relevant agencies. Until finally on August 17, 2016 to coincide with the anniversary of the birth of the country of Indonesia, some members of TPN OPM give special birthday presentations for all the nation of Indonesia that the return of their mother Motherland by calling for pledge to be faithful to NKRI and promised to support every government policy.

On the other hand, according to one member of the former OPM, Supir Murib, So far the followers of Goliath Tabuni feel deceived with the promise of an independent Papua because after they visited some areas in Java there was no representative office of Papua Merdeka. Meanwhile, another former OPM leader, Boni Telenggen admitted that during this time his struggle by his group is futile because there is no certainty about West Papua's independence. Even Yalingga Enumbi as a former OPM member promised not to oppose the government and even he wanted to eliminate the bad image of Tingginambut as the OPM headquarters in the past.

Some media coverage of course has rekindled the spirit of struggle and nationalism of Indonesian people, especially people in the land of Papua to rebuild their land of birth. The Papuan people will feel better because they will not be haunted again by the various acts of terror groups OPM because TPN-OPM Goliat has declared re-join the lap of motherland and did not close the possibility of simultaneously the people of Papua will evolve into a civil society with a good level of prosperity through the development of education and skills supported by the development of the regional economic sector.

Therefore, To realize the welfare of the community, local governments should work together with the community to build Papua under the auspices of the Unitary State of the Republic of Indonesia sovereign. Finally, a member of TNP OPM advised his siblings who were still in the forest, who still yelled freely in Kolome, Tingginambut, Yambi and Dukoluk to get down and start building, "there is no use for you long, Stop Shout Merdekakarena we are already independent 71 years ago, it's time to work to build Papua and our children who must learn. May you fight, but for what you are fighting for something that is not clear the direction and purpose, we better unite and strengthen the Unitary State of the Republic of Indonesia for a better papua, I Papua I Indonesia ".

By: Yunita Gustina Sairdekut, Papuan Problem Observer



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