Home Minister Asks MRP to Take Care of Government and NKRI

Mendagri Minta MRP Ikut Jaga Wibawa Pemerintah dan NKRI 

PAPUA - Home Minister Tjahjo Kumolo hopes the Papuan People's Assembly (MRP) may be an institution that represents the cultural side of Papuan society. MRP also has an obligation to maintain the authority of the government and maintain the establishment of the Unitary State of the Republic of Indonesia (NKRI).
"My hope, MRP institution is a cultural representation so that it does not play a role as a political institution," said Tjahjo Kumolo when giving a speech in the inauguration ceremony of MRP Papua member, in Jayapura, Papua, Tuesday (21/11/2017).
As a cultural representation institution, continued Tjahjo, MRP is expected to focus more on programs or activities that come into contact with the interests of adat and religion. Do not forget also, the affairs and issues of women not to be ignored.
That way, said Tjahjo, MRP can provide many solutions to the problems that exist in the earth Cendrawasih. "Providing solutions based on their authority," he said.
In addition, it is important that the MRP should also be consistent and have a strong commitment to maintain the authority of the government. Not only that, MRP also has responsibility to care for and maintain the integrity of NKRI.
According to Tjahjo, MRP is a cultural institution whose membership is 3/4 from the number of members of the Papua parliament. In details, 55 members were elected by the election mechanism, the remaining 14 members by appointment mechanism. While inaugurated yesterday, as many as 51 people.
"Inaugurated adat elements, elements of women, and religious elements of each 17 people," he explained.
Tjahjo revealed, this inauguration is the third inauguration since special autonomy implemented. The duties and authority of the MRP itself is its legal umbrella based on Article 20 of Law Number 21 Year 2001 on Special Autonomy for Papua Province. In Article 20 of the Special Autonomy Law of Papua, it specifies what are the duties and authorities of the MRP.
"The task and authority of the MRP, to give consideration and approval to the couple of candidates for governor and vice governor proposed by the DPRP," he said.
Other tasks and authorities of the MRP, Tjahjo continued, is to give consideration and approval to the draft Perdasus proposed by the DPRP and the Governor of Papua. Then give advice, consideration and approval of the plan agreement made by the government with a third party.
"The suggestions and considerations of the MRP are very important to ensure the rights of indigenous Papuans. The MRP is also authorized to channel the aspirations and rights of indigenous Papuans and facilitate the settlement. Providing consideration to the DPRP, the governor, the Regency and Municipal DPRDs related to the protection of the rights of indigenous Papuans, "he said.
In addition, Tjahjo said, the MRP is also authorized to oversee the utilization of Otsus funds in order to be fully targeted, entirely for indigenous Papuans. He added that a total of Otsus funds of 2% of the total National General Allocation Fund has been granted since 2002. Its value reaches Rp53.5 trillion which will expire in 2021.
"In principle, the implementation of MRP duty tapnya to respect for customs and culture, women's empowerment and consolidation of religious harmony," he concluded.


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