Home Members of Armed Crimes Group (KKB) raided, Police Sita Dozens of Active Ammunition

Rumah Anggota KKB Digerebek, Polisi Sita Puluhan Amunisi Aktif 

JAYAPURA - The joint team of criminal investigation unit of Yapen Island Police Resort and South Yapen Police Sector, Papua Police Headed by Yapen Police Chief and Yapen Reskrim Case raided the house of Joshua Sembai, allegedly member of Armed Kriminal Group (KKB), Tuesday 28 November 2017 at around 03.30 Wit in kampung Ariepi, Kosiwo District, Yapen Islands District.
Spokesperson of the Papua Police, Pol Kombes AM Kamal explained, the raid was conducted after the police got reports from the public that the house allegedly store firearms and ammunition. The joint team led by the Resort Police Criminal Unit Yapen came to a house suspected of possession of firearms.
"At the time of the search of a house allegedly belonging to the perpetrator in an empty state and no occupant. Furthermore, the team conducted a sweep and found the place where the perpetrator suspected of storing weapons and ammunition, "said Pol Kombes AM Kamal told reporters in Jayapura on Wednesday (29/11/2017).
Evidence is found, Kamal said, among them, 1 jacket, 57 grains ammunition empty with caliber 5.6, 1 point sharp ammunition with caliber 5.6, 1 BPKB motorcycle owner Vega No Pol DS 4649 LC on behalf of Albert Sembai, 1 plastic bag the black color contains the spare parts of air rifles, 2 pieces of KTA Task Force LMA AND KRPND on behalf of Paul Sembai, 1 sheet of paper with a flag star flag, 1 copy of vehicle registration of Vega No Pol DS 4649 LC on behalf of Albert Sembai, 1 ID card on behalf of Albert Sembai .

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