Great Design of Papua Development 2025

 PAPUANEWS.ID - Papua's great design of how the face of Papua's development in 2025 has been formulated by Papua Governor Lukas Enembe and Vice Governor of Klemen Tinal at the end of December 2013. This breakthrough step is reflected in the Papuan Provincial Development Plan (RPJP) 2005 - 2025 document under the Provincial Regulation (Perdasi) Number 21 of 2013. This is urgent because since the Special Autonomy in 2001, Papua has not had a scenario major development of Papua in the long term, 20 years.
Vision 2025: Independent Papua
By reading the dynamic strategic environment, both strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and challenges, finally the great vision of Papua Development in 2005-2025 under the Perdasi No. 21/2013 are: "Independent Papua Socially, Culturally, Economically, and Politically".
Vision Papua Independent is a Papuan community capable of realizing a better quality of life with the ability and strength itself based on natural assets and local wisdom of each region. Independence that recognizes cooperation and mutual benefit in realizing sustainable development and sustainability towards indigenous Papuans, both socially, culturally, economically and politically conducive within the framework of the Unitary State of the Republic of Indonesia (NKRI).
In the meantime, there are 5 Missions laid out in 20 years of Papua's development in the future.
First, to realize social independence. The social face of Papua is characterized by the quality of life of Papuan people who are able to play a role in development. This is indicated, among others, that by 2025, the Human Development Index has reached 70, Life Expectancy is above 70 years, health, nutrition and food services for Papuan families.
Second, Papuan cultural independence. Actualization of identity, identity and character of indigenous Papuans is increasing in the context of Papuan cultural diversity. Accompanied by strengthening of customary institutions, religion and women, and Papuan culture of achievement and innovative.
Third, economic independence and development of Papua region. The face of Papua's economy in 2025 is reflected in, among other things, the building of a robust economic structure throughout the whole of Papua. In terms of regional development, it is characterized by the growth of investment and the local economy in strategic areas, fast growing areas, local community settlement centers, border areas and surrounding areas in the socio-cultural context of Papua.
Fourth, political independence. There is a hope that the face of Papua in 2025 is marked by the participation of democratic society, the quality of the apparatus is increased, and awareness and commitment of the community in maintaining the integrity of the nation.
And finally, the fifth, independence of indigenous Papuans. The face of Papua in 2025 is characterized by indigenous Papuans playing a major role in leadership and development implementation in Papua that is in line with the identity of indigenous Papuans.
Guarding the Vision of Papua 2025
The vision and mission of Papua in the year 2025, the guidance for the apparatus in Provinces, Districts, Cities, and other stakeholders related to Papua to realize what the future of Papua's hope. The face of Papua's future development, precisely in 2025, should be realized gradually, focused, and measurable.
One of the milestones, is the Papua Province must realize the Agenda of Sustainable Development Agenda (SDGs) Year 2030 set by the United Nations (UN). This 2030 SDGs replaces MDGs 2015. Then, this global agenda is realized by President Joko Widodo through Presidential Regulation No. 59 of 2017 on the Implementation of the Achievement of Sustainable Development Objectives.
The Presidential Regulation is intended as a follow-up agreement in Transforming Our World: The 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development to end poverty, improve public health, promote education, and combat climate change.
In addition to the agenda of SDGs 2030, Papua Province also faces another milestone that is no longer valid "Special acceptance in the implementation of Special Autonomy which is equal to 2% (two percent) of the National General Allocation Fund (DAU) ceiling aimed at financing education and health" . Because of Special Autonomy Law, this special fund applies for 20 years. That is, in the year 2022 Dana Otsus 2 percent of the National DAU no longer valid.
This is a challenge for Papua and Central Government Provincial Governments in anticipating the changing fiscal policy for Papua in realizing the development scenario of Papua 2025.
The positive performance that has been laid out by the Provincial Government of Papua, Kabupaten and Kota since 2013 - 2017 is the foundation, as well as development capital to realize the Visi
on of Papua Self-Reliance in 2025.
Realizing the scenario of Papua 2025 is not easy. Bringing together the perception of looking at the whole of Papua is an important task for us. With the principle of Papua Working Together, may the great agenda of 2025 be realized.

Velix Wanggai - Observer of Papua's development.

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