Geopolitics Reading OPM Issues in Papua

M. Arief Pranoto, Director of Geopolitics Studies Program and Global Futures Institute (GFI)

For now, the status of the armed Kriminal Group (KKB) for OPM in Papua is appropriate. Why? In the eyes of the state, the role or gait of the OPM is understated, only the usual criminal level is not separatist. There is an interesting attraction about this status. There is a suggestion that his status be upgraded to separatist, and so on-for now-even counterproductive to Indonesia. Add raising issues. It is precisely the moment that has been waiting for the owners of the celebration behind the puppets OPM.

Geopolitically, it can be read that behind the OPM is entrenched human rights groups. HAM here means Holand, United (United States), Melbourne. Will be reviewed at a glance. The question is simple, "If Papua is the only producer of koteka and akik papa raja, will there be OPM there?" That is what must be answered.

In geopolitics there is a frontier dimension, the imaginary boundary between center and region due to foreign influence. In theory, that the beginning of foreign influence stems from the cultural and economic aspects. The culmination is political influence, where the customary end is to separate (via referendum). Well, OPM grip has entered the political sphere.

Kurds in Iraq are an actual cohntoh due to the apathy of the Iraqi government towards frontiers in its territory. Or Balochistan in Pakistan, and others. His rhetoric, "Are Kurds and Balochistan a flip-flop producer?" If you would understand world geopolitic today, follow the oil. Follow where the flow of gold, oil and natural gas - will undoubtedly meet the knots of interest group (country) owners of celebrations, clashing each other or even collaborate.

Back to the homeland. And apparently, there are foreign interest nodes in Papua. When examined from the perspective of asymmetric warfare-asymmetric warfare-especially the pattern of ITS (Issues-Themes-Schemes), the OPM is just a rumored issue. Prefix only. Then the theme is human rights abuses, then the presence of foreign troops / peace keeper in Papua, after that referendum, etc. while the scheme (colonialism) is annexed geoekonomi (natural resources). What lies beneath the surface. What is contained beneath the surface. East Timor is an empirical example. The issue of human rights violations, the theme of foreign troops and the referendum, and the scheme of oil control in the Timor Gap. Had there been no potential oil and gas potential in the Timor Gap, would there be a blow up of human rights abuses and foreign troops present there? That we have experience. Who are the puppets, puppeteers and owners of celebrations over the loss of East Timor?

Back again to the islands of paradise-another Papua-the absolute anticipated is (the emergence of the theme) blow up human rights violations and the presence of foreign troops armed with UN resolutions. Please note, for individuals and / or non-governmental organizations that loudly shout about human rights, and others are aiming for Papua to be separated from NKRI, it can be ascertained that they are proxy agents (foreign hands and / or puppets).

Also changing the status of the KKB into a Military Operation Area (DOM) would precisely accelerate the emergence of the theme: "human rights abuses," instead attracting the military from Papua also heightens the issue of security disturbances and expands the frontier itself. The point is now, the attitude of the state and its officials must anticipate the emergence of the theme: "Human rights abuses and the presence of a peace keeper" in Papua.

The successful operation of the liberation of thousands of citizens held hostage by OPM through the pattern of Police plus (assisted) TNI, for now, is the best step of the state and government in the corridor of the present state. Why? In addition to avoiding the stigma of human rights violations by the international public as it is handled professionally, it is also considered a counter-issue measure that essentially eliminates and / or reduces the frontier. So it is, so should be.

Bravo TNI-Polri


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