Circulating Videos of Armed Violence Against Papuans

Beredar Video Kekerasan Kelompok Bersenjata Terhadap Warga Papua 

TEMBAGAPURA - As 1,300 residents of Kampung Kimbely and Banti were taken hostage by the Armed Kriminal Group (KKB) circulating videos of KKB violence against some Papuans. Violent videos are circulating in the WhatsApps (WA) group of journalists in Papua.
In the video that lasted about 1 minute 53 seconds it is seen some Papuans are placed in the middle of the field with supervised by several men who carry guns long barrel and traditional arrows. Subsequently a citizen was persecuted by being kicked by some armed men.
The citizen was later sprawled because his head was not strongly kicked by some armed men. In another part also seen a Papuan also persecuted armed groups carrying firearms and arrows.
Associated with the circulation of videos of violence against civilians conducted by KKB, the Papua Police is still steeped in the incident.
Police Chief of Police Inspector General Pol Boy Rafli Amar deplored the actions of the armed criminal group that allegedly committed such acts of violence. "The Papua Police is still investigating whether the victim of the persecution is Martinus Beanal's brother who is reported missing," said Boy
Until now, according to the Chief of Police, the Integrated Task Force on Combating Armed Group Criminal Group (KKB) continues to make persuasive efforts to free hundreds of residents who were held hostage either around Kimberly Village, Kampung Utikini or Kampung Banti without causing casualties from the community.
"Based on the information obtained that for the community of local men and migrant communities who ask for protection to the head of the tribe, the citizens who are members of Kampung Longsoran to Kampung Banti Tembagapura District, Mimika Regency, while the basic needs of materials grown," said Boy.


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