Chief of Police: Chaos in Papua Problems of Economic Inequality

Kapolri: Kisruh di Papua Masalah Ketimpangan Ekonomi 

JAKARTA - National Police Chief Gen Pol Tito Karnavian confirmed that the chaotic hostage taking by armed criminal groups (KKB) in Papua is purely an economic problem.
Tito explained, he is very understanding all the problems in Papua because he had served as the local police chief (Kapolda).
"I understand the problem in Papua, Papua is not a race problem, the approach of Papua is economic," he said in Jakarta, Monday (20/11/2017).
Examples of economic problems are explained Tito like infrastructure development is evenly to criminal prosecution in order not to cause economic turmoil.
"Like the distribution of infrastructure but if there is a crime event should approach the law as it is today," he said.
Previously, a joint team of TNI and Police today will again evacuate hundreds of villagers Kimbely and Banti Utikini, Mimika who Friday (17/11/2017) and has been released from the hostage of armed criminal groups (KKB) to Timika.
Hundreds of residents are the majority of local residents who previously refused to be evacuated. The threat from the KKB that has not subsided has made the combined apparatus not want to take risks.
In order to anticipate another attack from KKB, hundreds of these residents will be transported by a special bus bulletproof. The distance between pick-up location to Timika is also quite far, reaching about 70 miles or 112 km.


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