British Ambassador do twitters chirp about Papua

British Ambassador for Indonesia Moazzam Malik made a visit to Papua to discuss development, economy and education in Papua, where the royal state led by Queen Elizabeth II intends to cooperate with the University of Cendrawasih and the University of Papua.

In addition, the British Ambassador for Muslim Indonesian  affirmed the attitude of the British government to support Indonesia's sovereignty and the integration of Papua to Indonesia is final.

There seems to be nothing wrong in the statement made by the British Ambassador to Indonesia.
But Ambassador Moazzam Malik's "chirp" was related to him and his entourage during his visit to Papua by renting 12 cars, but none of the cars were driven by indigenous Papuan drivers, so the Ambassador linked him to "the right to work for indigenous Papuans" General Muhammadiyah Youth as a statement that violates ethical diplomacy.

However, the statement of the Chairman of PP Muhammadiyah Youth as a reflection of their attention to the issue of Papua and a form of concern for the sovereignty of NKRI, let alone OPM still exist in Papua. So the statement of Muhammadiyah youth leaders is quite proud and full of nationalism, so that foreigners are not easy to insult Indonesia.

But on the other hand, Moazzam Malik's statement can also stimulate the improvement of the quality of human resources in Papua by the local provincial government, so that the native people of Papua are not only able to work as a driver and even many Papuan children hold doctoral degree, the more that become General and even become the President Director of PT Freeport Indonesia or the Ambassador of Indonesia to the United Kingdom.
So judging Moazzam Malik's statement as a satire to improve the quality of education and quality of human resources in Papua was true.

What we are waiting for from the UK Government on Papua is actually Indonesia hopes that the UK will close all doors and opportunities for Papuans who have committed criminal acts in Papua but escaped from prisons and are now in England, namely Benny Wenda and his friends with the help of some cheap politicians The British who voiced cheesy propaganda for Papuan independence. UK if it is committed to support Indonesia's sovereignty should arrest them and submit them to Indonesia.

"Because it is a positive and real diplomatic and political movement from Indonesian government to support Indonesia over Papua problem. Hopefully, "said observer of Indonesia strategic issues, Erlangga Pratama to the author.

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