BPJS Papua Increases Social Concern


Jayapura, PAPUANEWS.ID - Social Security Administering Agency (BPJS) Employment Branch of Papua Jayapura continues to encourage awareness raising to others by holding a number of social activities in the yard of his office recently.
Head of BPJS Employment Branch Office of Jayapura Adventus Edison S Jayapura, in Jayapura, Tuesday, said the social activities that are held in the form of blood donors and the implementation of cheap markets for the community around his office.
"The target of this social activity is the residents around the office area and participants BPJS Employment Branch of Papua Jayapura," he said.
According to Adventus, this social event is also held to commemorate the 40th anniversary of BPJS Employment on December 5, 2017 which is also held not only in Jayapura, but in 40 cities throughout Indonesia.
"We sell 750 packs of staple for Rp60 thousand on the cheap market and get 81 bags of blood from blood donor action," he said.
He explained in addition to the 40th anniversary, it also wants to introduce more BPJS Employment to the community in the scope of work that is Jayapura.
"So far people tend to be more familiar BPJS Health so that with such social activities can bring people closer to BPJS Employment," he said again.
He added that cheap market activity and blood donation is also a form of concern BPJS Employment on humanitarian and social to labor and surrounding people.


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