Who does not know Benny Wenda, one of the Papuan leaders who has always called for Papuan independence, called for human rights abuses that he said was always committed by the Indonesian Government against Indigenous Papuans (WAP), called for indigenous Papuans to live in misery and need help, alone with the shame of living comfortably and prosper in the country people?
Benny Wenda, he is constantly fighting for the freedom of Papua Freedom (it should be noted that he is not an ideology) in order to achieve his ambition to become the number 1 ruler in the Land of Papua. After a year ago the WPNCL (West Papua National Coalition for Liberation) he led was rejected in the Melanesian Sperhead Group (MSG), he now uses a new tactic, renaming the organization to ULMWP (United Liberation Movement for West Papua). With the renaming of the organization, he now hopes that MSG will accept West Papua as part of MSG.
Did not Benny understand that WPNCL was rejected as part of MSG because it is not representative of the Papuan people? Does not Benny understand that the MSG is a platform for inter-state economic cooperation, which means that its filing is not only illegitimate, but foolishness because WPNCL is not a country? Even not only that, does not Benny understand that now he is even more stupid, for wanting to do the same stupidity after the stupidity he did last year?

Maybe Benny does not understand that the organization he leads is an organization supported by his supporters only and does not represent all the people of West Papua. Benny was too blind with his wish to become a ruler in West Papua, so he did the stupid thing.
During this time, Benny may not understand, that what he did was a barrier to development in Papua. More than that, the unfortunate is the followers, they are too innocent so unknowingly have supported what is done by Benny.
How not, what is called by Benny is Papuan Independence, with which, at a glance, of course he will look like a hero. In fact, it is not so. What he fought for was not Papuan independence, but just ignorance. He said he wanted to liberate Papua, but what he did was not what he said.
In fact, Papua is part of an already independent country. So, what he wants to do is actually want to separate Papua from NKRI (Unitary State of the Republic of Indonesia), with which he will eventually reach his dream, become a ruler in Papua.

If he wants to truly liberate Papua, it should liberate Papua "in a meaning" from the word merdeka. Papuan independence does not have to be solely meaning sovereign to a country independently, but Papuan independence can also be interpreted with Papua that is able to rise and live prosperous. Papuan independence can be interpreted with Papua free from misery and injustice. Papuan independence can be interpreted with an independent Papua and free from all problems.
Thus, if Benny wanted to really fight for independence, liberate Papua by fighting for it all. Build a bright and intelligent Papua. Build up Papua that is able to pursue the progress of other regions. Build a Papua that can compete with other regions nationally, even internationally. Build up a capable, independent, and prosperous Papua, as the vision of the Papua Government's mission under Lukas Enembe's leadership.
When later on he will say that the Indonesian government has done injustice to the Papuan people, so tell him which injustice he meant. Does not he see that Papua has equal rights in all things with the rest of the country? In fact, does not he see that the government has prioritized Papua, overwhelming Papua from the rest? Does not he see that Papua has been specially treated through Otsus (Special Autonomy)? Does not he see that in Papua development has been done through UP4B (Unit for Acceleration of Development of Papua and West Papua)? Does not he see the state of Papua which is now very very much better than before?
When later he said, Papua is now living miserably under the Indonesian government, ask him, if if he separates Papua from NKRI he can build a prosperous Papua?
Too big the wish and dream to become ruler in the land of Papua, so he so confident himself if Papua parted with NKRI he is able to prosper it? Too big of his dreams and wish to become ruler in the land of Papua, so he did not realize that building a country is not easy?
Say to him, should if he wants to make Papua prosperous and not miserable, then wake up a smart, independent and economically mature Papua. Say to him, fight hard for it, because it can not be achieved by living comfortably in a country of people. Fight hard for it, not even despair and instead called for the separation of Papua from NKRI. Strive hard for that, not live safely and comfortably in the land of people while calling for beautiful prose and deceiving "Papua Merdeka".
At the end of this essay, I would like to convey a message to Benny Wenda (may he read it) and his supporters, working hard to build Papua "intelligently." Merdekakanlah Papua with the true nature and STOP fool Papuan people !!!

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