4 locations In Biak Numfor Beach Potential to Develop Water Surfing Tour

Biak, PAPUANEWS.ID - Four locations in the northern coastal region of Warsa District, Biak Numfor regency, Papua are very potential to be developed into water tourism for foreign tourists.
Head of Warsik Marten Wompere was contacted in Biak on Friday saying four villages that have suitable sea waves for surfing are Aman, Biawer, Amoy, and Mandini.
Visits of foreign tourists playing surfing in four villages north coast of Biak Island reached 60 people, he said.
He acknowledged, to improve the surfing facility, in 2018 will be built facilities five tourist homes and one tourist inn.
He hopes to be provided tourist homes and lodging will add tourist attraction to play in the northern coast of Warsa region located in the Pacific Ocean.
He said in a certain month where the tide of sea waves high in four villages was a favorite place to play tourists.
"Yes Warsa District community is hoping the support of the Tourism Office to develop the potential of marine tourism," he said. (Red.AK)


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