25 Proposed Executive and Legislative Proposal Programs

Jayapura- Twenty-five Regional Program Formation Programs which are proposed for the right of Board Initiative and Executive Proposals are stipulated in the Plenary Session of Jayapura City House of Representatives Period III of 2017 With the Agenda for the Establishment of the 2018 Jayapura City Regulation Formation Program that took place in the Session Room City Council of Jayapura, Monday (27/17/17).

Speech of the Chairman of Parliament of Jayapura City read by Vice Chairman II DPRD Jayapura Timbul Sipahutar said, nine pieces of the formation program of the Jayapura City Local Regulation which is the initiative of Jayapura City Parliament Initiative is the draft of the regional regulation on public order, Draft 8 local regulations on public order change the Jayapura City Regional Regulation No. 12 of 2002 on the formation, expansion, extraction and eradication of kelurahan and kampung.

The draft of the regional regulation on the interior, the draft of the regional regulation on corporate social responsibility in Jayapura City, the draft of the regional regulation on the facilitation of the prevention of misuse of Narcotics, Psychotropic and other addictive substances in Jayapura City.

Local draft regulation on restrictions on sale and purchase activities on Sundays in Jayapura City, Local draft regulation on Empowering Traders of indigenous Papuans in traditional markets in Jayapura City, Local regulation draft on road cultivation, alley and building numbering in Jayapura City, Local regulation draft on the control of the use of language and images on the nameplate, signage, span and billboard in Jayapura City.

While the 16 (sixteen) fruits of the local regulatory formation program which is the Executive proposal consists of the draft local regulation on the accountability of the implementation of the budget of regional income and expenditure of fiscal year 2017.

Local regulation draft on revision of regional budget and expenditure budget for fiscal year 2018, draft of regional regulation concerning implementation of Regional Budget and Expenditure Budget of fiscal year 2019.

Local regulation draft on the principal - the subject of local financial management, the draft of local regulations on the principal - the management of goods owned by the region, the draft local regulations on the election of heads of government Kampung serentak.

Local draft regulation on mapping of customary law territory of numbay ports in 10 villages in Jayapura City, Draft of local regulation on the development procedure of local community's excellent potential.

Local regulation draft on the second amendment to the Jayapura City Regional Regulation No. 3 of 2013 on business services fees, draft of regional regulation on administration area administration, district government center and district boundaries, urban villages and villages in Jayapura City.

Local draft regulations on fire prevention and overcoming, draft regional legislation on education implementation,

 draft regulation the area of ​​flats in Jayapura City, the draft local regulation on the participation of local government of Jayapura City.

On the occasion, the Board appreciated the Legislature and the Executive for a significant performance achievement in the Jayapura City Regulation 2018.

It is expected that the seriousness and responsibility of the Legislature and the executive who have submitted the draft regulation in the formulation of local regulations.

Meanwhile, Deputy Mayor of Jayapura, Ir, Hj. Rustan Saru, MM. said the establishment of legislation is basically a systematic process that starts from planning, preparation, formulation, discussion, endorsement, enactment, to dissemination.

"Planning is the most urgent stage that must be considered in every formulation of legislation as well as local regulations," he said.

Rustan also explained several reasons why the formation of local legal products needs to be based on Propemperda.

"First, for the establishment of Propemperda based on the priority scale in accordance with the development of the legal needs of the community as contained in the RPJMD.

Second, for the regulation of the singkron region vertically and horizontally with other laws and regulations.

Third, in order for the formation of local regulations can be coordinated, directed, and integrated that are drawn together between DPRD and local government.

And the fourth, for the product of local law remain within the national law unity, "explained Rustan.

Preparation of Propemperda is not only for the sake of the formation of local regulations, but more broadly related to the overall program of regional development. Therefore, it really becomes important and strategic for local government in preparing Propemperda.

"Propemperda that has been set is expected to be implemented in accordance with stages in line with the principles of the establishment of good legislation to ensure the legality of governance," said Rustan.


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