18 Miss of Papua Becomes Finalist of Miss Indonesia at Provincial Level

Jayapura, A total of 18 ladies from Cendrawasih Earth became finalists of the 2016 Miss Indonesia provincial election held in Jayapura City. Yulce Enembe, Chief Executive of the Indonesian Missions District of Papua, in Jayapura on Tuesday, said the 18 children of Cendrawasih Earth are women representing 29 districts / cities in the region.

"As a Papuan mama, I advise the jury team to choose the daughters of Bumi Cenderawasih which are considered the best can represent the eastern region of Indonesia in the national arena," she said who is also the wife of Papua Governor Lukas Enembe.

According to Yulce, her party hopes that the chosen Papuan daughter representing Bumi Cenderawasih in the national arena can raise the dignity and the dignity of his region in the higher arena.

"So the Papuan girls who are now finalists at the provincial level are the best Cenderawasih Earth women in the region to represent the region," she said.
He explained that despite the late night talent for finalists held on Monday night (27/11), and will follow the night of the summit on Tuesday night (28/11), it hopes that the elected can show the talent and ability to represent Papua.

"Although the Papuan provincial beauty contest event was held this November, we have proposed to the center since February 2017, but because of it and so it can only be realized now," she said.
The 18 finalists are Alfrida Kalem, Khatarin Margita Felle, Josephin Marianna Ramandei Satia, Elfien Andrea, Akdamina Lusia Deda, Dina Diana Imbiri, Princess Irma Beatrix Wakerkwa, Asprilia Pattiheuwean, Neldi Artristi Andoy, Yockbeth Nukuboy, Juliana Nussy, Yoanita Saron Wakerkwa , Yuliana Pitornela Fonataba, Magabale Clarita Balau, Sella Catarina Crew, Maria Yawan, Rosselina Agnes Maniagasi and Rebekah Lusaraamelia Duaramury.

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