154 OPM Soldiers Giving Up, The Result Of Humanist Approach TNI

TEMPO Interactive, Jakarta - A total of 154 members of the National Liberation Army of the Free Papua Organization (OPM) surrendered after communicating with the Military Rayon Command Unit 1714-14 / Sinak, Puncak, Papua. Humanist approach is carried out by a TNI unit led by the Commander of the Military Rayon Command (Koramil) Sinak Lieutenant One Infantry Yusuf Rumi, to persuade the group that had opposed the Unitary State of the Republic of Indonesia.

"Humanist approach so far, finally able to awaken 154 OPM members who voluntarily go down the mountain," said the written statement of the Army Information Service, Friday, March 24, 2017.

The surrender began with the meeting of Utaringgen Telenggen, the sympathizers of the armed criminal group from Sinak-Yambi, with the Sinak Koramil on March 15, 2017. Utaringgen Telenggen who came with Reverend Zakarias Tabuni requested security guarantees related to his surrender plan and over a hundred OPM members.

Utaringgen Telenggen and 154 members of OPM also met the Regent of Puncak Wilem Wandik Regency in Sinak District office on 20 March 2017. At that time, the members of OPM who accompanied by Danramil Sinak, Yusuf, also expressed the desire to surrender.

Along with the inauguration of the Cash Unit of the Regional Development Bank in Puncak, Papua, and in front of the public and the apparatus, Willem handed the Red and White flag to representatives of OPM members. It is a symbol of the return of OPM members to the NKRI with full awareness.

Utaringgen, representing OPM, expressed a request to build a decent house for his side. That, according to Utariggen, makes the Government of Puncak regency can more closely touch their existence.

The surrender was fueled by the disappointment of OPM followers, who felt unproductive during joining the separatist group. "(Participate) Armed separatist separatist movement (GSPB) led Lekagak Telenggen and Gombanik Telenggen, did not get anything," so Utaringgen testimony.

Utaringgen and members of the OPM were mostly from Kampung Toemarib, Weni, and Rumagi in Mageabume District, Puncak. The area is bordered by Yambi District, Puncak Jaya Regency.



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