Three years of Real Work for Papua

The success of development in Papua in the era of President Jokowi inspires OPM sympathizers back into the Unitary State of Republic Indonesia.

The 72 years of Indonesia's independence, finally, Papuans can enjoy the result of regional development. The achievement is the fruit of the consistency of Jokowi-JK government through "Nawacita" policy to realize a politically sovereign Indonesia, as well as independent in the field of economy and personality in culture.
To achieve this the Jokowi government is committed to improve the development of economic support infrastructure from the periphery by sticking to the distribution of development.
Since being elected as the 7th Indonesian president in 2014, the name of Jokowi has been known nationally as a simple and caring person with people, even not hesitate to go down the spaces to see firsthand the society's condition he leads. Jokowi's government advantage not only limited to simplicity and hospitality only.
Entering 3 years of Jokowi’s reign, there are many achievements of development throughout Indonesia, especially Papua which need to be appreciated. According to a report from the Presidential Staff of the Republic Indonesia Office, there are three main areas which are the subject of three years of Jokowi’s government, namely the acceleration of infrastructure development, human development, and economic deregulation policy.

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In the first, Jokowi's focus development is the most prominent acceleration of infrastructure development is the construction of various roads in several areas both in Java and outside Java. The total number of successful toll roads operationalized in the Jokowi era is 176 km to date, and according to planning until the end of 2017 there will be 568 km of toll roads that operate in Jokowi era.
This is certainly more than if we look at the construction of the Soeharto-era toll road, which is 490 km long within 20 years. Even, to support the land connectivity between target areas, Jokowi within 5 years of his government can build a 1260 km highway. This is certainly not just Jokowi's dream, given the achievements that have been achieved by the government of Jokowi. Besides, all Indonesians will want easy access to transportation.
During the reign of President Jokowi infrastructure development in Papua is also a matter of government's note. One policy to build Papua is the development of Trans Papua Road connecting Sorong and Merauke. The road construction project is already in place during the era of President Habibie and now more massive again done by Jokowi.
Based on data from the Directorate General of Highways Ministry of PUPR Trans Papua has now been connected along 3,851.93 km from the total initial target of 4,330.07 km. The focus of Papua’s development compared to other regions is because Papua is the most underdeveloped region in terms of its infrastructure, especially in the regions. So with the development of Papua will be achieved target equity development in the interior, border, and edge of Indonesia.
Then during the reign of Jokowi also conducted the inauguration of Diesel Power Power Center (PLTD) which is managed by PT. PLN (Persero) on Friday 29 September 2017 and then, in Bonggo district of Sarmi Regency. The inauguration of the power plant is the fruit of Jokowi’s government commitment in creating a bright Indonesia and a bright Papua.

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In addition to the already realized and ongoing development, Jokowi's government is also planning the construction of the Baliem dam which is planned to be auctioned in 2018. The dam is expected to swallow a budget of 4.7 trillion, and will have a water storage capacity of up to 200 million cubic meters and capable of producing up to 50 MW.
Beyond the government’s infrastructure development policy, Jokowi also encourages the growth of Papua’s economy through a one-price fuel policy, so that the society can improve their economy. Besides, it is a commitment of equity development from the periphery, and during its three-year rule, President Jokowi has been able to demonstrate real work and concrete work in developing Indonesia especially in Papua to be better, even Jokowi performance improvements look very significant compared to the conditions of development at the beginning of his administration, Even thanks to the success of Jokowi in building papua has inspired the hearts of hundreds of members and sympathizers back into the Unitary State of Republic Indonesia because success president jokowi in development in papua for 3 years until now.

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