The Quality of Papuan Coffee Will Be Enhanced to Raise Selling Value, Here's how!

Coffee Illustration.

Besides gold, the land of Papua also has a source of commodities that have an expensive selling point. One of them is coffee commodity.
PT Perusahaan Perdagangan Indonesia (PPI) is assigned to reduce the price of basic food in the region. PT PPI also sees potential sources of commodities that can be developed, such as coffee, without fertilizer any coffee trees can grow well.
However, Papuan coffee has not been maximally developed. President Director of PT PPI, Agus Andiyani, tells the current condition of coffee productivity is low. That means, productivity can not harvest so much coffee that falls to the ground.

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"The processing is also not all good so the quality of the seeds is not good, transportation is still very expensive, the road is also difficult, then the selling price (low)," he said at the Ministry of SOEs, Jakarta, Tuesday (10/10/2017).
To maximize, PT PPI tries to increase the productivity of coffee harvest in Papua. By cooperating with the banks that are the source of the cost of the crop, PT PPI becomes off taker of Papua's coffee.
Then, PT PPI also educates how to peel the correct quality of grain coffee. This is so that the grain of coffee after peeled into green beans.

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"I guarantee the quality of good coffee, large volume and post-harvest processing of good quality expectations.With good selling, of course who will buy a good price too," Agus said.
Through coffee, PPI will improve the quality of life of the people of Papua. Where this commodity will be a special product of Papua.
"Coffee has now become a tree, some of which are less fitting so the quality is improved," he said.

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