The Local Government of West Papua, Teluk Bintuni, and Fakfak Agreed on the Establishment of BUMD Energi


The Provincial government of West Papua, Teluk
Bintuni Regency and Fakfak Regency have agreed on the establishment of a West Papuan Regional Owned Enterprises (BUMD) that dealt specifically with energy on III Tangguh and IV Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) trainings.

The Head of West Papuan Provincial Mining and Energy Office, Johan Tulus, SH, MH, stated that the establishment of the West Papuan BUMD did not mean that it did not want to involve PT Padoma (Papua Doberai Mandiri) to manage Tangguh LNG in part of prisisi train III and IV, requirements that meet the normative requirements. For that very require the establishment of new BUMD so as to meet the requirements.

"License to form a new BUMD there is no obstacle, because at this moment we are just waiting for the hearing in the House of Representatives, because the draft we have proposed to the law for discussion with the West Papuan House of Representatives. So, we just wait for the session schedule from the House of Representatives," said Tulus.

Given that, the allocation of LNG will be moved on train III and Train IV. While the development of train III and IV is not only in the Teluk Bintuni regency but up to Fakfak.

Kadistamben further said that the utilization of some of the Tangguh III and IV LNG train production projects was governed by local government through BUMD. So that, the agency has already been prepared.

"Because the management will be done by the new West Papuan BUMD, not by the provincial government, but BUMD. This has been agreed jointly by the Provincial Government, Teluk Bintuni regency, and Fakfak to form a BUMD," he said again.

According to him, the new BUMD will be jointly owned by the three parties, both the provincial government of West Papua, Bintuni regency, and Fakfak regency because it was founded by three governments.
If the local government has been approved by the West Papuan House of Representatives, then the name of the business body will be decided.

He added that the gas received by the government of West Papua Province from Tangguh LNG train III amounted to 20 mmscf for the benefit of electricity generation in Papua region. That was in accordance with the approval of the Minister of Energy and Mineral Resources (ESDM). Although this decision included Papua Province but the Provincial government of West Papua was committed to the priority target was West Papua and producing regencies, Teluk Bintuni and Fak-fak regency.

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