The Provincial Government of Papua Mobilizes the Save Korowai Health Team

Illustration, Delivery of assistance to Korowai children in Ayak Village.

The provincial government of Papua finally mobilizes Save Korowai's health team in charge of assessing health status, as well as serving treatment and providing additional food community, especially mother and toddler. Delivery team in Yani Ruma District, Boven Digoel Regency is to know clearly about the health and poverty issues of the area.

"The Korowai tribe is still underdeveloped and even recently entered in the national map so that with the construction of the airport recently is expected to improve health rates better," said Papua Governor, Lukas Enembe, Monday (23/10/2017).

Enembe hopes the Health Office will be more comprehensive in handling Korowai people, because this tribe is one of the tribes in Papua.

"We hope that the types of diseases suffered by the Korowai community can be handled either by the Health Department," Enembe added.

Head of Papua Provincial Health Office, Aloysius Giyai, says, Save Korowai's team is backing up health services for the community in six local villages.

"Actually, the health responsibility of the Korowai tribe is in several local health offices, the society is spread in Boven Digoel, Asmat, Yahukimo, Mappi, and Pegunungan Bintang regencies," he said.

Aloysius mentions Save Korowai team consists of two doctors namely Dr. Aron Rumainun and Dr. Gunawan Ingkokusumo and six paramedical officers. The program is expected to lay the foundation of health until 2018-2020 as well as solve health problems in Korowai.

Previously Secretary of Remote Humanitarian Community Care (Kopkedat), Yan Akobiarik, asked the government to pay full attention to the Korowai community, which has been hampered by access to health and other needs.

"For years they lived and away from the word developing and progressing," Yan Akobiarik said.

The illness they most often experience is like Puti Hatil's child, 3 years, suffering, boils, malaria, malnutrition, itchy skin.

"In addition, many other diseases, among them; filariasis, cough with phlegm, fever, hunger, and so forth," Yan explained.

He mentioned, Korowai society was as prohibited to live healthy and get a decent education. Even the issue of cannibalism that has been haunting people, but no one has been moved to live together and ready to serve them.

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