The issue of Papua is the Focus of Politics, Law and Security Sector in the 2017 National Conference

 Chairman of the Steering Committee of Political and Security Defense Council Forum, Riant Nugroho.

The annual National Conference is held again. There are twelve main areas discussed in this 2017 National Conference.

The Issues on Politics, Law, and Security (Polhukam) and National Resilience is one of the areas discussed in the National Conference this year. In the field of Polhukam, several recommendations are made, especially those involving the Papua issue.

"Papua should not only be on infrastructure issues. But also in politics, law, security and national defense," said Chairman of the Steering Committee of Political and Security Defense Council Forum, Riant Nugroho, at JIEXPO Kemayoran Jakarta, Monday, October 23, 2017.

Furthermore, Riant says, to solve the problems in Papua can be done through two approaches. That is the domestic approach by seeking a specific approach to Papua.

"(Then) another approach is to strengthen and use international relations to seek the support of countries especially in the South Pacific," Riant explained.

In addition to Papua's problems, Riant continues, the Polhukam Conference Forum and National Defense also accommodated the proposals on the revision of a number of laws (UU). Consists of the National Defense Law, the Law on the TNI, the Law on the State Police and the Terrorism Act.

"We need to revisit our Constitution and the Law on TNI / Polri, what needs to be improved? For example, if TNI / Polri are combatants if the state is in a state of war, how is its policy derivative?" Riant said through the national conference forum of this field, produced at least 55 recommendations.

A number of recommendations will be presented to President Jokowi in the summit of the National Conference 2017 Monday night.

The 2017 National Council on the theme of Building for People's Welfare, this is the third National Conference that has been implemented. In addition to the Polhukam, the other 11 areas discussed in this meeting are; Caring for diversity and strengthening NKRI; Organizing Economy, Industry and Trade; and Accelerate infrastructure development and connectivity. Next, Toward Sovereignty and Manage Food Safety; Organizing Mining and National Energy Resilience; Marine and Marine Resource Management; Organizing Environment, Forestry and Land; Public Health and Social Welfare; Development of Renewable Human Resources and Vocational Education; Building a Tourism-Based Village, Culture, and Creative Industry; Cyber ​​Resilience, Protecting Data Management and National Information Dissemination.

"The National Conference of 2017 is a form of community participation and intellectual circles to deeply explore and criticize the achievements of Jokowi-JK's three-year government, and the opportunity is welcomed by various groups who want to give inputs to the government," said Chairman of the Committee of the National Conference of 2017, Firdaus Ali.

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