Save Rohingya at the IPU Forum and Russia's Support for Indonesia on Papua

Ahead of the 137th Inter Parliamentary Union's (IPU) opening in Saint Petersburg, Russia, the House Delegate Chairman, Fadli Zon, succeeded in establishing a bilateral agreement with the Deputy Chairman of the Russian Federation's Senate, Mr.Umakhanov.
Agreement of mutual support to a number of proposals resolution 137th IPU Assembly.
In the 137th IPU Assembly, the delegation of the House of Representatives submitted an emergency item proposal related to the Rohingya crisis as the agenda for discussion in the 137th session of IPU.

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Indonesian Delegation Chairman, Fadli Zon, in the bilateral meeting convinced Russia to support the proposed emergency items proposed by Indonesia.
The Russian delegation agreed to make the Rohingya crisis a discussion agenda in the 137th IPU.
During the meeting, Vice Chairman of the House, Fadli Zon, also mentioned the issue of West Papua, which recently actively campaigned by several countries related to human rights.

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Fadli Zon asserted to the Russian delegation that West Papua was an integral part of Indonesia, and straightened a number of allegations that were engineered on the issue of human rights violations.
Responding to this, Vice Chairman of the Russian Parliament, Umakhanov, ensured his country fully supports Indonesia.
Through the bilateral meeting, Vice-President of the Russian Senate, Umakhanov, also expressed his gratitude to the delegation of the Indonesian parliament, who had attended the 137th IPU in Saint Petersburg.

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As a friendly country, and one of the world's largest democracies, the presence of the Indonesian parliamentary delegation must have contributed constructively to the IPU meeting.

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