Sago is an important local food for West Papuans

Carles Toto, together with residents, while eating papeda at a papeda food festival in Abar Village, Ebungfauw, Jayapura Regency.

Sago, one of Indonesia's original food, which is not only consumed by West Papuns but also in other areas such as Ambon, Sulawesi and Lampung.
West Papuan local food chef, Charles Toto, said sago was a local food that was very important for people to continue to be consumed every day. According to him, sago will become a strong local food when we speak sagu on the national level because it is very unlikely we want to talk outside with food that is not in our region.

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"The festival of papeda meal organized by the Abar villagers reminds us of the local people to keep loving the local food, and also for the traditional elders to always maintain and preserve this sago well," said Cato, when met at Sentani on Sunday (10/01/2017).
Cato also said in his activities as a local food chef often presented outside of West Papua, sago was a menu he could not leave in any form of food presentation from local ingredients.
"Sago when it comes to anything very delicious to taste good snacks such as cakes or dried sago baked with a mixture of other ingredients such as bananas and coconut, or as is commonly eaten, such as papeda, very delicious because it is processed without ingredients another chemical commonly used in food.Our parents are currently living up to 70-80 years just because of this local food consumption.I hope that in the future sago tree that is still there to be maintained and maintained properly," said Cato.

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