PLN's Strategy to Accelerate Electricity Supply in Maluku and Papua

President Joko Widodo instructed PT PLN (an Indonesian government-owned corporation which has a monopoly on electricity distribution in Indonesia and generates the majority of the country's electrical power) to energize the electricity in entire territory of Indonesia, including in the eastern region. President Director of PLN, Sofyan Basir, explained that to implement these instructions, the company has formed Director of Papua and Maluku, which specifically handles electrical problems in Eastern Indonesia.
"Now there is also Director of Papua and Maluku, the goal is only for electrification not a profit and loss because the target is electricity growth in the area," said Sofyan in Serang, Banten, Thursday (10/5/2017).

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With the director handling Eastern Indonesia, it will help the effort to grow electricity there.
Sofyan also said recently PLN has provided 1,000 diesel to illuminate 380 families in Liran Island, Maluku
With the diesel, the citizens can enjoy the presence of electricity.
"We bought 1,000 diesels more because they never had electricity, Liran Island. Yesterday, I went there by myself, 380 head of household there are 1300 people," he explained.
He asserted that the electricity for the 380 families was also given free of charge. Because, people there are very poor. Not only to pay electricity, according to Sofyan, make everyday life is not able.
"For a month has no money, I asked how to eat? It was from shooting the fish. Why not to go to sea? No gasoline," said Sofyan.

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