Ministry of Energy and Mineral Resources Focuses on Papua for Electrification

Ignasius Jonan, The Minister of Energy and Mineral Resources

The Ministry of Energy and Mineral Resources (EMR) focuses on Papua for the electrification program. The condition is as one of the regional potential development in addition to the energy infrastructure development.
Papua region has great energy and mineral potential. The government continues to work on developing the existing potential and to develop equitable energy infrastructure, so that the local people will get maximum benefits.
Preferred programs include the rural electricity, the development of new renewable energy-based generators, and the provision of Solar Energy Efficient Lights (SEEL).
Other activities of the ESDM sector are expected to break down the limitations of the Papua region, namely the development of urban gas networks, the provision of clean water facilities (groundwater drilling wells), and the Fuel One Price policy.

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The Minister of Energy and Mineral Resources, Ignatius Jonan, called for the entire community to enjoy the welfare of the government in various efforts, among others, to increase the national electrification ratio which currently reaches 92.8 percent or above the target of 92.75 percent and suppress the energy subsidy as much as possible without sacrificing purchasing power community.
"Also build infrastructure such as the gas distribution network for households in various parts of Indonesia," said Ignasius Jonan, as quoted from Antara, in Jakarta, Thursday, October 5, 2017.
Providing electricity supply to the communities of the two easternmost provinces of Indonesia then the government this year to 2019 will build no less than 29 power plants (20 plants in Papua and nine power plants in West Papua) which are made from gas and coal.
In addition to constructing a new renewable energy-based power plant in a remote location separate from the PLN infrastructure network and providing SEEL lamps for 16,394 families in West Papua and 120,894 families in Papua.

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