LIPI Affirmed the Expedition in Papua Purely Research

Illustration : LIPI.

The Indonesian Institute of Sciences (LIPI) affirmed that the joint cooperation with the Army Special Forces (Kopassus) TNI AD in the NKRI expedition in Tambrauw Regency, West Papua, was purely for research.

"Petition does not affect us, because from the beginning all expeditions, wherever, are purely for research," LIPI Deputy of Life Science, Enny Sudarmonowati, told Antara in Jakarta on Friday.

Furthermore, she said that all expeditions since the beginning of pure research would all culminate in the potential utilization of biological resources.

"It is good that we are digging ourselves (natural resources) from the other nations that take advantage of our biological resources," said Enny.

According to her, still little research has been done, even inventory related to biological resources (SDH) in Papua. It was also done with very limited funds.

"(Research in Papua) also according to the direction of President Jokowi that we rolled forward Papua," said Enny.

A petition made by Papua That We started two months ago at addressed to LIPI, Head of LIPI Iskandar Zulkarnain, and LIPI Deputy of Life Science, Enny Sudarmonowati, cited appreciation of LIPI's existence in encouraging the peace process in Papua.

Papua Road Map issued by LIPI in 2009, and the process that followed it to date, is considered as an important guide for many parties in Indonesia to improve the situation of Human Rights in Papua.

Therefore, in the petition which only followed 274 supporters mentioned the cooperation of LIPI and Kopassus in Expedition NKRI raises concerns of the inhibition of constructive process being built together in the Land of Papua. Concerns about the transparency of delivery of the expedition are also written in the petition.

Previously, Enny said LIPI carried out the Widya Nusantara Expedition (E-WIN) for research purposes in Sumba Island, East Nusa Tenggara (NTT), for three weeks starting April 15, 2016. In addition, the expedition was also held at Gunung Gandang Dewata, West Sulawesi, and Tambrauw District, West Papua.

Both of these areas, according to him, are still very minimal data on biodiversity.

Especially for Tambrauw, this new district has declared itself to be a conservation district, he said. And the expedition is a NKRI Expedition with Special Forces (Kopassus) TNI AD.

Enny hoped that the results of E-WIN 2016 activities that cost up to Rp2.1 billion could be an input for local government on natural resource management in Sumba Island, in the form of recommendations for natural resources management, both land and sea, policy recommendations, disaster mitigation and adaptation , as well as strengthening the capacity of government and community stakeholders.

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