Jokowi Encouraged Industry Players to Taste Papuan Coffee

Responding to the sad story of a coffee businessman from Papua, President Jokowi then encouraged industry players to open themselves and wanted to taste Papuan coffee.

President Joko Widodo encouraged the actors of the coffee industry, whether large industries or coffee  shop entrepreneurs to utilize coffee from Papua. It was expressed Jokowi when attending a coffee event together with the coffee industry players in Bogor Palace, Sunday (1/10).
"Try if you can grab coffee from Papua," he said.
This was stated by Jokowi after hearing the story of coffee plantation entrepreneur in Tolikara, Papua who also attended the event.
The coffee businessman said he has problems when selling coffee from Tolikara. He confessed his coffee was priced a little tended.

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Then jokowi encouraged coffee entrepreneurs to visit coffee plantations in Papua. He said, if still doubt about the quality and taste of Papuan coffee, coffee entrepreneurs at least visited coffee plantations in Papua first.
According to him, it needs to be done so that entrepreneurs know firsthand the quality of coffee in Papua.
"Every once in a while let me know," said Jokowi.
Jokowi attended the event held by the Chief of Staff of the President, Teten Masduki, entitled 'Ngopi Bareng Presiden Republik Indonesia' on Sunday (1/10).

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The event held at Bogor Palace was attended by various actors of coffee industry all over Indonesia, from baristas, planters, entrepreneurs, activists, and coffee farmers' representatives. It was also presented by a number of artists who have been synonymous with coffee, including Chicco Jericho, Julie Estelle, and Dewi Lestari. They look enthusiastic because they could express complaints to Jokowi related to the development of the coffee industry.

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