Jokowi and Various Special Commitments to Papua

President Jokowi, along with his wife, when visiting Papua.

Joko Widodo recorded a new history in national politics when he set foot in Sentani Airport, Papua, on Thursday, June 5, 2014. He was the first presidential candidate to campaign in Papua. The island on the eastern tip of Indonesia is already special in his eyes, the name of his wife, Iriana is taken from the island.

"I introduce my wife, her name is Iriana, Irian," he said when standing on the house of Adat Yoka, Kampung Yoka, Jayapura.

But it's not about that name itself that makes Jokowi come to Papua. Like a campaign, promises flow from his mouth. Infrastructure development and economic development are moving slowly there.
This promise is not a figment. Papua really got special treatment during Jokowi's reign. Just two months as President, at the end of 2014 he visited to Papua. He attended the Christmas celebrations and inaugurated the start of various market development projects, bridges, ports.

Not only Minister of Women Empowerment and Child Protection, Yohana Yembise, Jokowi also appointed the Chairman of Papuan Indigenous Society, Lenis Kogoya, as a special staff. In addition, five political prisoners involved in the assault at the Wamena Kodim arsenal in 2003 were granted clemency in May 2015.

The most recent policy, beginning September 5, 2017, the President committed to provide about 5-10 percent of PT Freeport shares to Papuans through the provincial government of Papua and the local government of Timika.

From the record, at least he has visited Papua for seven times since his election as President. Every time he comes, he always starts or formalizes the development program. One of the most ambitious infrastructure projects is the completion of Trans-Papua Highway development that has been declared since the New Order. He is targeting the completion of the 4.3 thousand km road development in 2019.

West Papuan legislator, Jimmy Demianus Ijie, admitted to the new government this time that infrastructure development in Papua has made tremendous progress. Trans-Papua Highway, ports and airports, became the starting point for the development of Papuan society. The presence of Jokowi gives a direct impact for the community.

"The most remembered President of Papuans is Jokowi," he told AFP on Monday (10/16/2017).

Connected several points of Trans-Papua Highway segment now can be enjoyed by the community. The isolated areas in Papua is less and the distribution of goods becomes more and more smoothly. Not only that, ports, new airports, and new power plants are able to drive the economy of Papuans. But this development process has not been completed yet.

Jimmy hopes the government will continue the infrastructure development by improving housing, education and industry facilities in Papua.
Separately, members of parliament from Papua electoral commander, Komaruddin Watubun, warned that some conflicts in Papua also need attention.

"Facing the problem of Papua is not just a matter of physical development itself, there is a history of our past is still a record," he explained

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