Indonesian National Armed Forces Find Marijuana Farms at the Border

Various security efforts in the border areas of Indonesia-PNG (Papua New Guinea) in order to create a safe, comfortable and conducive atmosphere continues to be done by Task Force Pamtas Yonif Mechanical 512 / QY, including through security patrol and land sweeping.

Security patrol activities conducted by Task Force Pamtas Yonif Mechanical 512 / QY again managed to find a 2 meter cannabis plant in the RI-PNG border region on Tuesday (31/10/2017).

Dansatgas Yonif Mechanical 512 / QY Lieutenant Colonel Budi Handoko, S.Sos revealed, the findings of this marijuana plant is purely from the implementation of security patrol activities of Pos Kalimo region led by Letda Inf Eko Widiyanto Kompi A Task Force Yonif Mechanical 512 / QY.

"The discovery of the cannabis field is the third time for Satgas Pamtas RI-PNG Yonif Mechanical 512 / QY during carrying out border security duties starting in May 2017 in Keerom and Pegunungan Bintang District," Lt Col Inf Budi Handoko.

In addition to the cannabis garden, 10 days earlier, the Mechanical Yonif 512 Task Force also found a packet of dried marijuana leaves carried by unscrupulous students of SMK in Senggi District through Sweeping.

Letda Inf Eko Widiyanto as and Post Team 3 / A Kalimo who led the implementation of the security patrol revealed that the discovery of this marijuana plant is by accident. The plant is located on the banks of the river in the middle of the forest district of Waris.

The position / point is included in the coordinates of the security patrol route implemented by the Post 3 Pattern / A Kalimo team. After carrying out the sweeping and removal of cannabis trees as high as 1.5 s / d 2 M it seia added patrol team to continue the patrol activity toward the check point that has been determined and move back towards the Post.

Arriving at the Post, in hierarchy and post Kalimo Letda Inf Eko Widiyanto reported the discovery of adding the seia added evidence to the Police Sector Inheritance.
Following up on the findings of the third field of cannabis in the District of Waris, Dansatgas Yonif Mechanical 512 / QY Letkol Inf Budi Handoko, S.Sos. Providing Instructions to all postings of the 512 / QY Yonif Mechanical Taskforce to continuously improve the intensity of security patrol and sweeping activities.

It is also actively seeking and digging information related to the existence of other potentially marijuana fields that are still present around the RI-PNG border.

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