Indigenous Papuans Dominate MSMEs in Jayapura City

Head of Cooperative and SME Industry Trade Office of Jayapura CityRobert L. N. Awi.

Head of Jayapura Industry and Trade Cooperative Office, Robert L. N. Awi, said that indigenous Papuans dominate Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises (MSMEs) in Jayapura City.
A number of MSMEs in Jayapura City that spread in five districts reach 3 thousand, whose guidance started since 2010, and mentoring done in 2016.
"The amount is divided into groups, each MSMEs has business kiosks, bread, cakes, areca nut, chips , crackers and more, " said Robert.

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From 3 thousand MSMEs in Jayapura City, said Robert, MSMEs Port Numbay as many as 400 people, 2 million MSMEs are Papuans, and the rest is non-Papuans.
"There are no obstacles in marketing. All is consumed by the people of Jayapura City. There are some products that we send out, such as ants nest and red fruit," explained Robert at SMKN 5 Jayapura, Thursday, October 5th, 2017.
Robert admitted that the interest of people in Jayapura City for MSMEs was very high, only weakness in financial management. "The initial capital of Rp. 50 million is for a business group. 2015 we helped 100 MSMEs, 2016 there were 100 MSMEs. 2017 which failed only 10 people for not being able to manage their financial management well," he explained.

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