In February 2018, Keerom Regency Will Realize New Rice Field Printing Program

Farmers in Keerom Regency during a new farming trial.

The Keerom Regency Government will realize a new paddy field program in February 2018. This is conveyed by Head of Department of Agriculture and Fisheries of Keerom Regency, Yudha Ansaka, recently.
Yudha explained, the new rice field printing program covering 1000 hectares, although including slow realization. But he made sure it was done on target.
"We have only budgeted at the end of this year because the first survey is conducted on the feasibility of paddy field, and identification of prospective farmers who will do that," said Yudha in Keerom Regency.

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Yudha said that the new paddy field location would be done at Arso III (Skanto District and Kriku Village) and Arso IV (East Arso District). For the printing of new fields, it cooperates with 13 farmer groups with up to 50 members each group.
It will also involve Bank Indonesia in a paddy field printing program that has previously formed a cluster of onions and chili at Arso.
"This is a central government program that builds from the outskirts of the city especially the border areas, because it must be implemented immediately," said Yudha.

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