House of Representatives Discuss Defense Agreement with Papua New Guinea

Commission I of the House of Representatives held a meeting with Defense Minister, Ryamizard Ryacudu, and his staff to discuss the plan of ratification of defense agreements between Indonesia and Papua New Guinea's government. All factions approved the discussion.
"The general view in the plan of Ratification Agreement with the Independent State of Papua New Guinea is in the field of defense related to the discussion, PAN agreed to discuss the draft law to be continued and discussed," said PAN fraction, Muhammad Syafrudin, in Commission I Room DPR, Senayan, Jakarta, Tuesday (10/03/2017).
The PPP faction, represented by Syaifullah Thamliha, also agreed with the discussion. He considered Indonesia should be doing cooperation in the field of defense considering the location of the adjacent country.

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"Principally in international relations, Indonesia is destined to be neighboring Papua New Guinea, we are ready to discuss the Bill on approval approval between the Indonesian government and Papua New Guinea," Syaifullah said.
A total of 10 factions who were present entirely approved the discussion. The work meeting is still running today. In addition to the defense bill between Indonesia and the Papua New Guinea government, this meeting addresses the problem of inventory list of issues in each article.

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