Homestays and Isolation Room of the Pos Tujuh Sentani Nursing Home are being Renovated

Four homestays and an isolation room of the Pos Tujuh Sentani Nursing Home are being renovated

Four homestays and one isolation room at the Pos Tujuh Sentani nursing home of Jayapura , finally has been renovated. But the renovation should be done gradually because there are still some other institutions that also need renovation.
This was conveyed by the Head of  Papuan Provincial Social Services, Ribka Haluk, in Sentani last week.

"This year has started renovating. We also do the fencing, in addition to four homestays and isolation rooms," said Ribka Haluk.

Haluk also explains that in addition to the renovation of some parts of the orphanage, the repair of clean water channel, which some time ago was complained, has also been done.

As previously reported, nursing home in some parts of Pos Tujuh Sentani have been severely damaged. Files for improvement have been made in recent years. Also several working visits of the provincial parliament of Papua who helped voice the renovation of the orphanage for the elderly.

"A lot of responsibility to do. Not only the nursing home in Sentani that we take care of but also in Biak, and some other places, as well as other services. We will finish it slowly. Some of the broken homes we have programed for the following year," he said.

Related to the management of nursing home, Rebekah, says, it will be better if in Social Service is made a new field special to handle nursing home. The field is now too much that is handled so that it can not focus to the nursing home.

Head of Unit Technical Executive Service (UPTD) Panti Lansia 7 Sentani, Yosep Kalem, says, the renovated building there are five, namely four homestead and isolation room. The isolation room was dismantled and rebuilt as the condition was badly damaged. The isolation room is a room that handles the elderly who are severely ill like a contagious disease.

"This year we can only five packages of four homestays and one isolation room. Others, we are also proposing to PU for in the orphanage. We are also still waiting for information when this road will be repaired this environment," said Kalem, in Pos VII Sentani.


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