Goverment's Tactics Invite Students to Build Papua

The equity of education remains government's obstacle. Since 2012, the government has been catching up with the Higher Education Affirmation program (ADIK) for the Indonesian children from domiciled in the Leading, Outlying, and Remote Area.

With this program the Indonesian children will get help to continue the study to the state higher education (PTN) for free. After four years, this program's running began to produce results, namely four youth from Papua obtained S1 degree at Halu Oleo University (UHO), Kendari, North Sulawesi.
"The graduation of the students of this first-class ADIK program indicates that the hard work of the best sons and daughters of Papua has paid off," said Director General of Learning and Student Affairs (Kemenristekdikti), Intan Ahmad, at the campus of Halu Oleo University (UHO), Kendari, Sulawesi Southeast.

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Ahmad explained, the four students from Papua are parts of 4.151 students who receive assistance programs that are spread across universities throughout Indonesia.

After graduating as a scholar, said Ahmad, there were two options offered to the first graduates of ADIK. First, working in ministries / state agencies. "With this option, they have the opportunity to devote their knowledge to build the region as well as nation.We have communicated with the Ministry of Home Affairs," he said.
The second option was to continue their studies to a higher level facilitated by the government. "They can apply for a scholarship to the Institute of Funds Management (LPDP)," he said.

This success, according to Ahmad, is not easy. There are many problems in the process. With the graduation of four students from Papua, it motivates the government to continue to make improvements for the sake of education and the development equity.

The students of Papua and West Papua who graduated were Yulius Gobay from Timika and Menius Nabyal from Pegunungan Bintang with a Bachelor of Engineering from the Faculty of Civil Engineering. In addition, there werr two young men from Timika namely Erikson F Demetouw and Stevanus Obagame, with a bachelor of Public Administration (SAP) from the Public Administration Program.
"I want to go back to Papua to build the infrastructure there with the knowledge I've studied, Papua must go forward, still not much road from village to village," said Yulius Gobay.

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