First Synchron PLTMG MPP 50 MW: 2020, Papua Will Totally Enjoy Electricity

Six Engine PLTMG (Gas Engine Power Plant) Jayapura, Papua. 

PLN Papua region operates Gas Engine Power Plant (PTLMG) built in 2017 of 70 MW at Holtekam-Kota Jayapura at 50 MW. As in Nabire of 20 MW.

"Today, we do the first synchron of PLTMG Holtekamp after being built for 9 months and groundbreaking by President Joko Widodo in May," said Director of PT PLN Regional Maluku Papua, Ahmad Rofik after implementing first Synchron PLTMG MPP 50 MW in Jayapura, Thursday (26/10/2017).

According to Ahmad Rofik, PLTMG Holtekamp is one of President Joko Widodo's program to build 35,000 MW power plant throughout Indonesia. In accordance with the PLN Regional Maluku and Papua program, the bright Papua in 2020, where electrification ratio especially in Papua is expected to be above 85.96 percent, the development of electricity infrastructure in some villages, districts (districts) and districts that have not been electrified completed up to 2020.

"We expect all villages, districts (districts) and districts in Papua to have electricity until 2020," he said.

To meet these needs, said Ahmad Rofik, in the Papua region has built several PLTMG plants that will operate in 2017 of 70 MW in Papua province, namely in Jayapura 50 MW and Nabire 20 MW. 2015 205 MW in Papua Province, Merauke 40 MW, Biak 15 MW, Serui 10 MW, Timika 10 MW, and West Papua, Manokwari 20 MW, Raja Ampat 10 MW, Sorong 30 MW, Fakfak 10 MW, Jayapura peaker 40 MW, and Kaimana 10 MW. For operation in 2019 was built at 120 MW in some areas in other Papua.

"The construction of this power plant has been aligned with Indonesia's brightest program in Papua and supports the plan of organizing PON XX in Papua including in some existing districts Venue PON 2020," he said.

Meanwhile, General Manager of PT PLN of Papua Development Master Units, Henrison A. Lumbanraja said, Moments and prizes at the 72nd National Electric Day Memorial for Papua.

"The construction of PLTMG 50 MW Jayapura began in early 2017. The plant is built by a consortium of PP (Housing Development) and Wartsila construction work including a 50 Megawatt power plant which is very short for about 9 months and this is also a synergy between SOEs. In the near future that is on the 2nd week of November 2017, Nabire PLTMG with a capacity of 20 MW will be operated, "said Henrison.

Jayapura's current power reaches 83 MW and with an additional 50 MW of available electricity in the Jayapura system it reaches 133 MW with the addition of about 60% of the current power. With the increase in electricity supply, blackouts due to deficit power balance can be minimized and open new opportunities for investors to run the economy in Jayapura

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