Export of Processed Wood Encourages Increasing Field Performance of Forestry Enterprises in Papua

Processed wood exported by the Government of Papua Province not long ago

Bank Indonesia Representative of Papua Province estimates forestry business field performance in the 3th quarter of 2017 increased significantly compared to the previous quarter of the same year.
Deputy Head of Representative of Bank Indonesia in Papua Province, Fauzan said, the forecast of increasing forestry sector business performance in the 3th quarter of 2017 was driven by the realization plan of export of processed wood by the government of Papua Province.
In the second quarter of 2017, the forestry business sub-sector was still low, this matter, Fauzan said, causing limited field of agricultural business performance.

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"Timber production and sales in the second quarter of 2017 were low, indicating the export of processed wood in the second quarter of 2017 contracted by -30.60 percent and 8.05 percent year on year," Fauzan said in Mimika Regency, Papua, October 4, 2017.
Based on the survey of business and liaison activities conducted by Bank Indonesia, the limited production of processed timber is due to the efficiency made by producer companies in several regions such as Jayapura and Merauke.
In addition to the performance of the forestry business field, Bank Indonesia also predicted a significant increase in the performance of agricultural and fisheries business in the third quarter of 2017.
According to Fauzan, entering the food crops harvest period is expected to provide significant added value in the coming quarters.

Source : https://kabarpapua.co/ekspor-kayu-olahan-dorong-peningkatan-kinerja-lapangan-usaha-kehutanan-di-papua/

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