Daily Chief Released the Departure of Persitebin Team

Located at the dock of Bintuni on Wednesday morning (25/10/2017), the Chief Executive of Persitebin, Ali Ibrahim Bauw SE MSP, released the departure of Persitebin football team to depart to Sorong in order to follow the football tournament Cup on November 1 - 28, 2017 in Waisai, Regency King Ampat.

Persitebin team nicknamed the three waves that will premiere in the football competition in West Papua after an 8 year absence bringing 25 players plus coaches and the official team will do the test match in Sorong.

Daily Chief, Ali Ibrahim Bauw, representing Teluk Bintuni regent, Ir. Petrus Kasihiw MT, - as well as Chairman of Persitebin - advise that the entourage of Persitebin team is always compact, and can provide the best for the region.

"We hope players and officers, caregivers who can take care of personal health respectively. There is also a medical personnel who accompany the team," said Ali Bauw who served as Head of BPKAD (Regional Finance and Asset Management Agency) of Teluk Bintuni.

Both coaches, Demianus Masyewi and Sius Siante as well as Goalkeeper coach, Erents Yoku, with several officials including Secretary of Persitebin, Yan Kamisopa, and sexy equipment, Jamal Kosepa, in yesterday's departure. Present at the release ceremony of Persitebin treasurer Mark Marlon Iba ST.

Source : http://www.papualives.com/ketua-harian-lepas-keberangkatan-tim-persitebin/

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