Air Toll Will Begin in October

Air Network in Papua and West Papua 2017

Disparity (price) of goods in the eastern Indonesia still becomes government's homework because logistics affairs are still reaping many challenges to get to the outermost, marginalized and left behind area.
The price of goods in the eastern and central regions of Indonesia, the difference is still far adrift so that equity should still be the government’s concern. Related to that, the Ministry of Transportation is preparing a new program, convinced air toll (air bridge).
The program is similar to any marine toll that supports logistical activities to the eastern region by relying on marine lanes. According to Secretary General (Secretary General) Ministry of Transportation, Sugihardjo, with marine toll results are quite effective.

“The marine toll road program has significantly reduced the price of 20%, and this will all continue to improve so that we can not only get cheap transportation costs but not affect the price on the consumer side,” he said at the House of Representatives, Jakarta on Thursday (12/10 / 2017).

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In order for the issue of price disparity in the eastern region, the government does not want to rely solely on marine lanes. The government also wants to take advantage of air routes that have a number of advantages.
He ensures that the bridge or air toll program is in operation this month which will be the main airport in the program located in Timika, Wamena and Dekai. Then, for the initial phase of the route of this air toll, there are as many as 12 routes. Each of these major airports serves 4 flight routes.

“The auction is already underway. Hopefully this month can be surgery. Next year we will add from 12 to 18 routes. The knot added 1 if not wrong,“ he said.

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