Actions of the Papuan Armed Group to Show Their Existence in West Papua

The Free Papua Movement (OPM) Armed group.

Based on the warrant of the operation, we have been doing the attack at PT Freeport McMoran in Papua. It is not only an attack, but  also an attitude that we want to convey to the Indonesian government, the government of United States, the government of Netherlands, UN organizations, and 27 stakeholder countries in Freeport McMoran / PT. Freeport Indonesia that

1. To Mr. President Jokowi as the head of Indonesian government, and the military officer of the Indonesian Military / Police, the government of the Republic of Indonesia and all the people of Indonesia from Sabang to Merauke to Ambonia, immediately recognize the right of sovereignty over the West Papuan race, Melanesia, that over 50 year it is covered by interests above the land of Papua, in order to perfect, respect and interpret the true meaning of UUD 1945 preamble.

2. The Indonesian government, the government of United States, the government of Netherlands, and the United Nations international agencies, and all the stakeholder states of Freeport McMoran shall immediately remove and revoke all fraudulent movements from 1967 to 2017 and immediately confess to the creator and to the world over the sin that has claimed or destroyed thousands of Papuans for more than 50 years on the land of Papua.

3. It is clear that the Integration of Papua into the Unitary State of Republic Indonesia due to the interests of foreign capitalist economy on the land of Papua by four major elements namely, the United States, Indonesia, the Netherlands, and the United Nations.

4. Indonesia has been taking care of the interests and understanding of the MoU made by the 47 persons by the way of running a massive military invasion of Papua, so the lives of thousands of West Papuan people’s lives are victims, it shows that Indonesia directly destroys the indigenous Papuans and an indirect extension by the United States, the Netherlands, the UN, and 27 countries in the Freeport McMoran / PT. Freeport Indonesia have taken part in the destruction of indigenous West Papuans.

5. The root of the Papuan problem is: a strong desire by the Americans to hold mining exploitation on the land of Papua. The result of a strong desire by America has resulted in a MoU understanding called “Agreemant New York” by America, Indonesia, Netherlands and UN. The result of the New York Agreement was the Act of Free Choice in 1969, and the result of Act of Free Choice in 1969 was the commotion, torture, murder, fraud, deprivation of indigenous rights and assets, rape, human extermination, destruction of nature, destruction of customs and culture indigenous and the largest violations, human rights abuses that have been occurring in Papua.

6. We ask for the present leadership of the United Nations, please acknowledge and abolish the sins committed by earlier UN leaders against indigenous Papuans, the sin of understanding that has wiped out thousands of West Papuans on the land of Papua and restored the sovereign right covered by the sin of interest of the 4th person in Papua so that the Papuan nation will regain its sovereignty and become equal with other nations in the world.

7. To the Indonesian Military / Police, we urge not to utilize indigenous civil society or non-Papuan people, Military / Police must face us TPN. If there is a community involving themselves with Military / Police or Military / Police who use civil society in action, it means declared enemy for us. Therefore civilians must avoid the area declared as a battlefield.

8. To all Freeport and Securty Freeport Employees, it is strictly forbidden to engage with Military / Police, Employees and Security to immediately free themselves and battle areas from Gresberg to Porsait. Our enemies are Military / Police and Freeport Facilities.

9. Everything happens because there is a cause so there is a result. The Main Cause Integration of Papua into the Unitary State of Republic Indonesia is the conspiracy of AMERICA and Indonesia for the sake of mining exploitation in Papua, so that the result is colonization on the land of Papua by the interests of foreign capitalist and the government system of the Republic of Indonesia. So it is our actions that TPN-OPM continues to launch attacks throughout the Freeport area to destroy them.
And finally, we say that we will no longer where we are ready to fight against the Indonesian Military / Police.

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