A Demonstration Expressing Support for Papua to Become an Integral Part of NKRI

Hundreds of people staged a demonstration expressing support for Papua to become an integral part of the Unitary State of Republic of Indonesia (NKRI)

In addition to expressing supportive stance, the masses also rejected the existence of the West Papuan National Committee (KNPB), which was considered to make West Papua out of Indonesian territory. Hundreds of crowds initially gathered at Theys Eluay Mausoleum Square on May 2nd, 2016, in Sentani, Jayapura, coordinated by Sarlen Ayatanoi and person in charge of Yanto Eluay's action. Then, they unfurled a banner of support to the Unitary State of Republic Indonesia, and plunged a red and white flag at Theys Eluay Tomb. Sarlen Ayatanoi said in his oration that all West Papuans should respect the existing customary order, because that was the basis for mutual respect.

"Do not get caught up in the conspiracy of the KNPB or ULMWP (United Liberation Movement for West Papua) group, they just want to fool and make Papua a political commodity for their interests," he explained.

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So, West Papuans expressed their attitude, rejected the KNPB and ULMWP, because it was not fighting for the interests of Papuans.

"We will not join the KNPB group because it has to be based on the customary order and NKRI is the fixed price," he said.

One of the West Papuan community leaders, Harlem Saroy, also rejected the existence of KNPB, because it disturbed the public.

"We will not be affiliated with KNPB, because it only creates anxiety. We fully support Papua as a part of NKRI," he said.

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Hundreds of people then moved to the office of the Regent of Jayapura on foot, carrying a red and white flag. There, the masses again made oration, then burning the Morning Star flag in the yard of the regent's office.
In addition, people in West Papua also still believed in the Indonesian government in an effort to build West Papua peacefully. Many West Papuans themselves do not want to part with the Unitary State of Republic Indonesia which has become part of West Papuan culture so far.
Many deplore the action of the KNPB who made efforts to incite and invite the peaceful West Papuans within the Republic of Indonesia to support the activities of the KNPB. Many of their activities were disturbing the community in West Papua itself.

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West Papuans expected the security forces to act firmly against the existence of KNPB in Cendrawasih earth so as not to disturb the comfort and security of West Papuans for their daily activities.

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