16 Indigenous People of Biak Take Training in BBPLK

The government of Biak Numfor regency through the Manpower Office of Biak Numfor continues to open up opportunities for young people in Biak Numfor regency to work abroad, as the overseas employment opportunities are still open.
After the selection of internship program to Japan, the employment agency of Biak Numfor returned 16 original people of Biak to participate in Sub Vocational Fabrication training at the Office of Training Work Development Center (BBPLK) Serang, Banten.
The head of employment agency in Biak Numfor, Iwan Ismulyanto says, 16 participants who sent to BBPLK Serang, Banten is a 6G welding power training.
"Those who attend the training at BBPLK have job opportunities abroad. Even until now there has been a job offer in several companies in Singapore and China. In the country also there are from PT. Freeport Indonesia," he said, Tuesday (10/10).

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16 participants will get materials and work practice of Las 6 G in Office of BBPLKI Serang, Banten. BBPLKI has established cooperation with companies that require workers according to the field and the desired competence.
"BBPLK indeed there is cooperation with the company, both domestic and foreign. Later for a month the participants will get the theory, after it was given a 6G certificate. With the certificate, there are two opportunities currently open in Singapore and from PT Freeport Indonesia. Because for Freeport requires a 6G certificate," he added.
He is optimistic that 16 participants who attended this training can pass and get a 6G certificate.

Source : https://papuanews.id/2017/10/11/16-anak-asli-biak-ikuti-pelatihan-di-bbplki/

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