The News of ABC NEWS Related to West Papuan Independence Petition and The Indonesian Government's Reaction through Deputy Indonesian Foreign Minister

The News of ABC NEWS Related to West Papuan Independence Petition :

1. On September 27th, 2017, Australian television media, ABC NEWS broadcasted the West Papuan Freedom Petition which has been signed by 1.8 Million West Papuan people, it meant that more than 70 percent of West Papuan population and submitted to the UN for the purpose of "Free Vote on Independence".
2. A West Papuan Independence leader, Benny Wenda, has submitted the petition to "The UN's6 Decolonization Commission" which is a UN body that monitors the development of former colonies that will govern their own government.
3. It was reported that the petition has been banned in Papua and West Papua Province by the Indonesian government and blocked online throughout Indonesia, so that the petition was smuggled from person to person, Benny Wenda said it all
4. The Pro West Papuan Independence group has been imprisoned and everyone signing the West Papuan independence petition is at risk of arrest and detention, so the signing of the petition is conducted in secret from the village to the village.
5. The petition requested that the UN appointed an Investigating Team on Human Rights Violations in West Papua and requested that West Papua would be included in the Decolonization Committee agenda as well as the right to self-determination in the future to be supervised by International.
6. Notes
a. According to Benny Wenda, the desire for a referendum for West Papua through a petition is a manifestation of the wish of West Papuans for freedom.
b. West Papuans have chosen and signed the Petition with the thumbprint and blood, Benny Wenda is sure, optimistic, and confident that in a few years there will be the development.
c. Benny Wenda also said that if this was not only activist isue, but also heading government level to diplomatic level up to the United Nations.
d. From New York, Indonesian spokesman, Armanatha Nasir conveyed "Papua is an integral part of Indonesia according to The UN General Assembly Resolution 2504 (XXIV) 1969". The President of Republic Indonesia is working hard to demonstrate the Indonesian government's commitment to infrastructure development and he visits West Papua six times since he was elected in 2014.

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Deputy Indonesian Foreign Minister's Reaction of The West Papuan Independence Petition

Deputy Foreign Minister, AM Fachir, did not care too much about the West Papuan Petition requesting a new independence referendum and the petition has been submitted to the United Nations.
"That's the work of some people to get attention," said Fachir, at the Presidential Palace Complex, Jakarta, Thursday (09/28/2017).
Fachir said  that the West Papuan issue has been resolved at the UN since 1969.
In 1969, the Act of Free Choice was implemented which declared the West Papuan territory to enter the territory of Republic Indonesia. The UN has recognized the decision.
Fachir said that the Ministry of Foreign Affairs would always monitor the issue. However, he will not take action because the decision of West Papua came into the territory of Indonesia is final.
"We'll see, but at the same time, for us it's over," Fachir said.

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