The Indigenous Tribe in West Papua Praises Government that Successfully Makes Freeport Obedient

Indigenous Papuans appreciate the government's move to ask PT Freeport Indonesia to divest up to 51 percent of its share. The Chairman of the Amungme Customary Society Institute, Odizeus Beanal, said that Freeport's decision to divest 51 percent of share was a result of the overwhelming struggle of President Joko Widodo's Government.
"It's an incredible negotiation until the agreement is reached that the company will divest 51 percent of share. It's remarkable. We feel that the minister and Mr. Jokowi have been fighting for the sovereignty of the nation," he said, at the Office of Energy and Mineral Resources Ministry, Jakarta, Monday (9/4/2017). The agreement in principle between the government and Freeport-McMoRan last week requiring the American company to increase Indonesian ownership in its gold and copper mining subsidiary PT Freeport Indonesia (FI) in West Papua from the current 9.36 percent to 51 percent by no means reflects significant progress in resolving once and for all the dispute over Freeport Indonesia. 

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On the same occasion, the Tribal Council of Amungme, Fibiolla Ohei, added that the agreement became history for Indonesia because for 50 years PT Freeport dredged the copper in West Papua, only this time Indonesia will become the majority owner.
For the achievement, the indigenous people of Amungme tribe hope to get their rights to become the part of shareholder that will be released by mining company from United States.

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The Minister of Energy and Mineral Resources, Ignatius Jonan, agreed to be able to facilitate meetings between communities, PT Freeport Indonesia, and the government within the framework of Freeport negotiations. He added that from 51 percent of PT Freeport Indonesia's divestment share, about 5-10 percent will be owned by Papua Provincial Government and Timika Regency Government. He urged indigenous Papuans to write letters or talk in forums, and it all will be facilitated by him.

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