Papuan Student Alliance Denpasar Committee Makes Tantrum

Dozens of youths who are members of the Papuan Student Alliance Denpasar City Committee overran the Consulate General Office of the United States located at the southern end of Hayam Wuruk Street, Denpasar, Bali, Saturday (30/09/2017).

They were almost confronted with tear gas by police because they forced their way into the office of the Consul General.

The action, which was initially conducted in front of the US Consulate General's office, has now been moved to the western roundabout of Renon, Denpasar.

"Free Papua ! Free Papua!" Shouted dozens of demonstrators.

This peaceful action was held in the framework of the 56th anniversary of the illegal agreement of the Roma agreement.

They demanded that the government gave freedom and self-determination rights as a democratic solution for the people of Papua.

"This action is not a coincidence, but because of historical events," said the action spokesman, Raymond.

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